Sangam Journey Begins

In 1984
Sangam commenced operation with eight weaving machines


In 1995 the group commenced backward integration with 17,280 spindles of PV Dyed Yarn
In 1998 a further addition of 11,520 spindles was made to the spinning capacity

Built Captive Power Plant

In 2003 the capacity was augmented by addition of 35,232 spindles
& which led to adding a 10.0 MW coal based thermal power plant.

Building Capacity

In 2009 the company completed installation of 1.13 Lakh Spindles, 130 Weaving Machines, 12 Knitting Machines and Captive Thermal Power Plants of 6 & 15 MW.

Major Expansion

In 2014, the group saw an increase in Denim capacity to 32 million meters p.a.
Installation of state of the art Seamless Garment Machines with capacity of 3.6 lakhs pieces p.a

Brand Launch in 2015 - C9

The next big step was venturing into the B2C market.
The company launched it's seamless wear brand- C9
One piece garments free of side seams, made of light, smooth and soft to touch fabrics.